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This International Box Shipping Directory allows you to find the type of logistics supplier that you need by country or by category. Not only can you search for box shipping experts, but you can also look through our wide spectrum of cargo shipping service provider categories. These include ocean shipping, package shipping, vehicle shipping, as well as international movers.

Use the map below to select the country for your Box Shipping:

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Overseas Box Shipping Companies
To find an international box shipping companies and begin receiving their quotes, click on any of the countries seen below and find companies that deal specifically with your country of interest. Not only does this save you time, but it puts you in control of how your box shipping cargo is handled.
Compare International Air Freight Services
There is a wealth of box shipping firms at your disposal including both global and more regional box shipping players. It is in your best interest to compare between such differing types of business to find the one which will best be able to tailor a complete package for your box shipping requirements.

Box Shipping Message Board:

  • Melbourne, Australia to Langkawi, Malaysia

    Delivery of 2 units of Personal Watercraft Vehicles --> 279cm X 118cm X 104cm = 3.72 cbm --> 184 kg / unit --> Packaging | Crating services may be required --> Insurance - Provided by Shipper --> Pick-Up at Distributors Retail Shop --> Delivery up t ...

  • Shipping container from Orlando to Slovakia

    Hello I would like to have a quote for a small size container. I would like to ship small items, some furniture and house decorations. I would like to know the total cost of the shipping and if I do need to deliver items to the port first. Thank you. ...

  • International shipment from poland to ghana

    please can any one help ship a well drilling machine from poland to ghana. the machine weights 3 tons and its on a transpotale trailer the trailer stands just 150 km from katewalk in germany. or if any body can help me with information how to ship ...

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