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International shipping from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney

Posted by: Ali Darejeh

Dear Sir / Madam, I wanted to take my luggage from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney. I had a couple of questions if you don’t mind: 1. How should I pack my items like dishes and cloths? I mean where can I get box for packing them. 2. If you do packing services when should you come and pack my belongings. I think we will have about 10 boxes. 3. Can I use your services for taking some spices and dried vegetables? 4. How much would be the estimated cost of packaging and carrying the items to Sydney Australia. I listed my items below: • 6 boxes of cloths. • 1 box of book. • 1 box of medications. • 1 box of spices. • 2 boxes of dishes. • 2 carpet 2m*1.5M. • Portable Massager. • Vacuum cleaner. • Oven toaster. • Food maker (blender) • Office chair. • Printer. • 3 boxes of other small items like toys, stationary, and tools. Thank you.