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Mahmoud Al Durrah

Hello all, I am planning to move from the Canada to Newzealand by the end of this year, I am searching for a company who offers international shipping to Newzealand services or a company that will help me in moving my house including my furniture and my appliances. I am in need of a company that specializes in the moving field and would come at my place in Toronto and have all my stuff packed and move them to Newzealand. My stuff includes a stove, chair, coffee tables, the kitchen, refrigerator and a couch. My bedrooms consist of 2 large size beds with dresses and stands. The dining room has a cabinet, a table, and ten chairs. I also have a full size washer and dryer. The electronics consists of three flat screen televisions that are 36 inches and higher. In the office we have a desktop computer with desk to be moved. I would like to have lamps and personal items wrapped and moved as well I want to have all my stuff shipped and arrived to Newzealand before I arrive. Thank you.