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I own a farmer and require a quote for international shipping to United Kingdom. I need to know how much it will cost to import a tractor, with some other, fairly bulky, accessories and attachments that go with it. It will be coming from Texas, in the U.S., and it's destination will be Cornwall, in the South of England. I am still finalising dates for when it will come over, but I will be be needing to leaves Texas in no later than four weeks, and most likely about two weeks in to December. In total, what I will required to be shipped includes; the tractor itself, in addition to this, there will be four attachments that fit either onto the front or the rear of the tractor, included a fork-like device, another, larger, lifting device, a large claw like, grabbing deivce (the sort used for large bales of straw), and a ploughing attachment. I would be most grateful if you could let me know what the best price I could get this shipped for would be. Thanks very much.