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International business shipping to Cordova, Spain

Pragmanta Outfitters

Our company, Pragmanta Outfitters, is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Our niche market is to supply gardeners and vineyard workers with attire to work outside, in the soil, as well as the tools to work the land as well. We are in need of an International shipping company to help us ship some of our products to Cordova, Spain in the coming months as there is quite a market for our products in wine country. We would be shipping our gardening boots, knee pads, sun hats, gardening gloves, and other such items that will help workers to protect themselves during a long day of toiling in the ground. We will also need to ship some tools like pruning shears (a best seller of ours), shovels, hoes, etc. We would like some price quotes for shipping a minimum of four pallets at a time, but please also let us know if there are break points or discounts for larger loads that we may tap into at a later date. Also include some references that we may check into while vetting your services.