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International shipping to Southern France

Rockenstein, Beiderman and Frankel

Rockenstein, Beiderman and Frankel, a corporate law firm based in Manhattan, New York, has recently procured some new clients in both Lyon and Grenoble, France. We would like to get some price quotes for international shipping to both of these areas as well as an outline of your best practices for security and reliability. As a law firm, you can probably guess that most, if not all, of our documentation is of a highly sensitive manner. This is why the security of our shipments will be at the forefront of our decision in choosing a secure courier company to complete these simple shipments. Please provide us with a time schedule for shipping as well so we have at least a ball park idea of when we ship something on Wednesday, for instance, when it would be arriving in our client's hands in France. Additionally, let us know if you deliver in the weekends or holidays or if there are any black out days in your scheduling for either pick up or delivery of any items.