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International shipping to Seychelles


My company has recently acquired some property in Seychelles. What this means is that now we must send some of our equipment to the location and we need to know about international shipping to Seychelles. Are there any companies who may specialize in this type of shipping? If so, we would like information on some of the following items. We have general office equipment that must be delivered to our new property. This includes 3 computers, 2 printers, a fax machine, and several miscellaneous items that also includes general office supplies. We estimate there to be at least 6 boxes of general office supplies. However, we need information on the best practices on shipping our other office equipment in order to minimize the potential for damage in transit. Does your company have this sort of experience that you can not only advise us of how to properly package these items, but perhaps you may also sell this packing material? With your information, please also include pricing and whether your company will do the actual shipping of our items or if you would contract any part over to another source. We look forward to your emails.