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My question is directed toward any company who may specialize or have extensive knowledge of shipping to Denmark. This would be especially great if you have knowledge of the point of origin being from Hong Kong. I normally use any of the standard shipping companies to ship between Hong Kong and Denmark, but I am always on the lookout for ways to improve things. This is true in my professional life as well, so this is just my nature. Regardless, I send a monthly package to my sister who lives near Copenhagen, Denmark. She is not native to Denmark. She is originally from Hong Kong which is why I send her a varying assortment of clothing and other supplies that she is unable to obtain locally. So, what I am looking for is information from a company who is involved in this type of shipping. I also need information as to how to best pack her items for shipment. I also need some current cost information as well. Also, about how long will it take for you to deliver her package in Denmark after it is picked up in Hong Kong. Thanks.