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Expedited International shipping to Ireland

Hello my friends. I seek the guidance of a company who is experienced in expedited international shipping to Ireland. I need to send an item from San Francisco, California in the United States to Galway, Ireland. I need to ship this rather quickly, so I would appreciate a prompt reply to my inquiry. This package contains a new laptop computer that I purchased for my nephew while here on holiday. It was one of those too good of a deals to pass by, and since he is in need of a new computer I went ahead and purchased it for him. When I say he is in need of a new one, I mean his current computer is no longer functioning and he needs his computer for his school. Can your company deliver this computer quickly? How long will it take for you to deliver it? It is still in the manufacturer's packaging, but I want to pack it even better for the trip. Can you suggest a good way for me to do this? Can you provide the packaging I need? Thank you for your replies.