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Expedited International shipping to Saudi Arabia

I must send a package from Los Angeles, California, to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The package must also be delivered quickly, so I request information on expedited international shipping to Saudi Arabia. My cousin is attending the university at Riyadh and he has requested for me to send some of his DVDs that he had forgotten to take with him on his return. These DVDs include some of his research assignments that he had worked on during his recent visit. Therefore, he has an urgent need for these to be delivered on time. With your reply, please provide your cost for this service. Also, include when you can deliver this. If you are unable to deliver this package on time, do you offer any sort of compensation for missing the delivery appointment? My email address is provided so you can respond to this inquiry promptly Please, if you are unable to deliver this package on time, do not reply. I am only interested in discussing this with companies who can deliver their promises. Thank you.