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Expedited International shipping to Belgium

Does any of the company representatives who are reading these posts have knowledge of and experience in expedited international shipping to Belgium? I have the need to send a letter packet from Beijing, China, to Luxembourg, Belgium. This letter packet must be delivered to the government office no later than next week, so I must have a reply to my inquiry soon. The letter packet is ready for shipment. When you reply to my inquiry, please include a copy of your current rate structure as well as your scheduled delivery times. How soon can I expect your courier to arrive to pickup this letter packet? Do you offer a proof of delivery such as a signature? Do you make tracking information available on expedited shipments? Also, do you offer a guaranteed delivery service? What happens if you do not make the scheduled delivery appointment? I look forward to reviewing your company's information. Please send it to the email address I have included with this inquiry. Thank you so much for this.