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Seven Set Studios

Seven Set Studios is a small photography firm in Cairo, Egypt. We have some clients just outside of Jerusalem, Israel and need to get some prices on how much it will be to ship to them on occasion. Most the time when we ship to these clients in Israel it will be fragile or items that can not be bent such as prints or canvases or other photographic goods. Other times we will just be shipping paper work back and forth such as contracts or sketch drawings for upcoming shoots to get approved. Regardless of the materials, none of the packages we intend to ship will be heavy or cumbersome, at least not that we plan on at this time. We assume that there will be some sort of paperwork that needs to be filled out or filed before we begin shipping to Israel but we don't really know the process of doing this. Please let us know what we have to do before hand so that we can get the ball rolling and don't have any unnecessary delays in shipping.