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Buttons and Thimbles and Things is an on line notions store that caters to quilters and hobby sewers alike. Until now, we have not shipped to Japan. We are happy to announce that we have just opened up trade agreements there so will be shipping our catalogs and then goods to the country. We would like to get a few price quotes on what would be the most cost effective way to ship from our warehouse in Belgium to Japan once the orders start coming in. A typical order may be a ream of fabric, some sewing shears or some bobbins of thread. We do carry a full line of Singer sewing machines though and all the attachments so there would be some heavier, bulkier packages from time to time. Please send the different pricing structures based on size and weight for shipments so we can properly evaluate which shipping company to go with. Also ask if you would like a more detailed list of the items we sell to get a better feel for our product line.