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International shipping to Russia from Hong Kong

Does your company process international shipping to Russia from Hong Kong? If so, then please continue reviewing my inquiry as I have the need to hire your services for one shipment of bean bags. I have a box full of bean bags that my brother handed over to me. I did not know at the time exactly what it was but obviously he thought it was funny. I do not have the need for these and I do not want them. Therefore, I am sending them back to my brother who lives in Moscow, Russia. Would you send me a copy of your most recent pricing and shipping schedules? When and where do you pickup, and do you complete the delivery yourself or do you hire others to do this for you? I just ask since if you do hire things out that may affect your reliability and I want this package delivered. I gave you my email address so you can send me your info and we can go from there. Thanks for reviewing my inquiry. Good day.