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International shipping to Croatia from Canada

I want to ship a package and I came here to request information about international shipping to Croatia from Canada. My package contains souvenirs that I have purchased while vacationing to Canada and I would prefer to ship them back home rather than to travel with them through my connecting flights. I think this would be so much easier. The package only weighs about 6 pounds, and is contained within 2 ft by 2 ft dimensions. So it is not that large or heavy. I am unconcerned with expediency, so I so not request express shipping services. I merely desire the package to be at my home upon my return. Does your company offer a guarantee the package will arrive undamaged? How much do you charge to ship this package? Can you give me an estimate as to when you will deliver it? I have included my email address so you can send the answers to my questions. Also, are there any taxes or fees that I must pay to ship this package to Croatia? I am unsure how this works, so the more information you can email to me the better. Thanks.