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International shipping to Czech Republic from France

I want to send a package and I have posted here in anticipation that a company who is experienced in international shipping to Czech Republic from France will respond to my post. I am shipping two bottles of wine to my brother. I have already prepared this for shipment by carefully padding the bottles. This was done not only with packing paper, but also with foam padding and stiff cardboard inserts. Although I am confident this will protect the bottles from breakage, can you guarantee this package will arrive undamaged? What are your procedures if there is damage? Please email me with how much you will charge to ship this package to Czech Republic. I would also like information about how long it will take for you to deliver this package as well. Since this is wine, will there be any taxes, fees, or customs duties that I must pay before the package will be delivered? I would prefer to pay these myself when I ship the package, that way my brother will not have to pay anything. He can just enjoy the wine.