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Express International shipping to Greece

I want to ship a package from Brazil that must be delivered within one week. So this package will be sent by express international shipping to Greece and I have posted here in hopes of finding a company who can complete this delivery. The package will be ready to ship by the end of this week, so the sooner you send me your information the better prepared I will be. Please let me know if you have a local drop off service located here in Rio. It might be a good idea if you have packing material at your drop off location as well. Could any of your employees who work at that drop off facility assist me with the packing? I have no idea what I am doing with it so I will need your help with this. Could you give me a rough idea as to how much it will cost for me to express ship this package to Greece? Just a rough idea is all I need for now. I realize you may not know for sure until you have the package available. Thanks and I look forward to your email.