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International shipping to Lithuania for wine collection

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Hello. We need quotes for international shipping to Lithuania. My organization would like to ship a small container of wine to Lithuania. This is a wine collection of one of our owners. It will consist of single bottles and crates. Could you urgently send us information on how you will handle such a shipment? For example packing material, type of transport and particularly climate control? What special arrangements need to be made on our end? Will you be handling all the packing/unpacking of the goods? We would also like to ensure the value of the shipment. Is this a service that you offer? Is it included in the price? Or can you provide us with some quotes on that? The owner would like to pay upon delivery at destination. Can you do that? The shipment is planned for mid December, but exact date is not yet available. When will you need the exact dates? Kindly forward us an official proposal to the address mentioned below and if possible provide this information in a timely fashion. Regards