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I want to ship a package of books to my cousin, so I am posting here to request information about express international shipping to the Philippines. If your company participates in such a business, then please send an email to me that includes information on how it is best to ship this package. My cousins is an avid reader, and she can read more books than she can find at her home. I live in Europe, so there are bigger book shops to browse so when I find books I think will interest her, I buy them and ship to her. However, I am currently in a part of Europe that I have never shipped from and I need information on how to do so. I am shipping from Nice, France. Do any company representatives reading this forum ship from Nice, France to the Philippines? If so, then please provide me with how much it will cost to ship this package of books that weighs about 6 pounds. It is also 2 ft by 2 ft 2 1 ft in dimensions. Can I track this shipment with your company? Thank you for reading and for responding to my inquiry.