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Express International shipping to Qatar

I seek to ship a package so I am requesting information about express international shipping to Qatar. The shipment will originate at Perth, Australia, and I would like to ship it within the coming week. If your company has a dropoff box located here in Perth, please advise of this in your initial email. If you do not have a dropoff box, please advise as to your local pickup delivery schedule. The box includes some first aid supplies that I am sending to a relative who is living in Qatar. She is unable to locate a few items, so I purchased them locally to send to her. How much will you charge me to ship this package with your company? Can you guarantee on time delivery by a certain day or time? If the package arrives damaged, what are your procedures for providing restitution? Can I track this shipment over the Internet while it is in transit? Please email me with the information I have requested and also any other information you normally send out to meet these requests. Thank you.