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Express International shipping to Singapore

I must send a package and I am here to request information about express international shipping to Singapore. Does your company offer this delivery as part of your service package? If so, then please provide the answers to a few questions that we have. You may provide your answers to the email address we have provided. The package is not fragile, but it is large. Its dimensions are 4 ft by 3 ft by 2 ft and weighs about 9 pounds. Is it okay to ship packages this large by your express shipping methods? What are your charges for shipping this package with your company? Do you guarantee delivery by a certain day or time? Can you promise the package will arrive undamaged? I am shipping the package from Tokyo, Japan. Do you have any drop boxes or locations that are local to me? If so, do you have any packing materials available at these locations? Please email me your information as soon as possible as this package should be delivered by the end of next week. Thank you for sending me this.