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Expedited International shipping to Slovenia

I want to find information about expedited international shipping to Slovenia. The package contains a box of homemade candy and some other gift items that I am sending to my family in Slovenia. This package is in a box that is about 1 ft in all directions and weighs about 4 pounds. I am shipping this package from Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States, so I should be near to a major traffic route for shipping. Please tell me if your company has a drop off spot close to me. Since I am asking for information, please include your shipping fees. Please also tell me if you can guarantee delivery by a certain day. I want this package to arrive as soon as possible, especially since I am shipping candy. I am sure it will keep, but I do not know for how long. Can you also provide assurances this package will arrive undamaged? I am sure there are other questions, but I think the information packet that you email me will answer these questions and many more. Words cannot express how much I appreciate your sending me this info. Thank you so much.