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International shipping to Ukraine

Hello everyone. I wonder if anyone here has information about international shipping to Ukraine. If you do, would you mind emailing me some information? I will also greatly appreciate it if you can include a few details as well. These would include how much will you charge? When can you deliver a package to Ukraine? Whether you provide drop off or pickup service, and what happens if my package arrives to Ukraine in a damaged condition. Of course, I would also like to review any other information you may include as well. I will ship this package from Tel Aviv, Israel, so if your company is able to provide shipping information from this location that will be most helpful. Can you also include any guarantees as to whether my package will be delivered on time, or if you can deliver it undamaged. Please send your information to my included email address. That way I know I will receive it. Thank you for supplying this information as I want to have this shipped within the next two or three days.