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Temperature controlled International shipping to Bulgaria


I am requesting information from companies who can complete temperature controlled international shipping to Bulgaria. My company is shipping load of shrimp from South Carolina, in the United States and the temperature should be maintained in order to preserve the freshness of the product. What steps will your company employ to ensure this shipment will arrive at its destination undamaged and unspoiled? Do you have the methods to constantly monitor the temperature? Do you offer a tracking service? Does this tracking service include the monitoring and recording of the temperature while in transit? This will be a full semi-trailer load of shrimp and we also need your company to arrange for a pickup at our facility. How soon can you do this? What are your estimated delivery times to complete this shipment? Please also include with this info how you factor your shipping charges. You can send this info to the included email address. I consistently monitor this email so you know that I will receive it. Thanks.