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Containerized International shipping to Turkey

Huirkem Industries
Posted by: Hyriet Huirkem

Hello my friends. I seek the services of a company who can handle containerized international shipping to Turkey from the United Kingdom (UK). I have placed an order with a freight forwarding company who is located in London, United Kingdom (UK). However, in order for me to enjoy a significant savings on my order, I will arrange for my own shipping. This is why I am posting here. If your company can pickup my shipment there in London, and deliver it here to Ankara, Turkey, then I want to talk with you. So we can expedite this matter, please send an initial information packet to my email address. This will get us moving in the right direction as your info packet will answer most of my questions. Then when we do speak over the phone, I will be in a position to ask better questions. So please include your current rates, your delivery routes and scheduling, and your overall shipping terms. Thank you for sending this to me.