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International shipping clothes to Panama

Posted by: George Olson

My wife and I are going to be doing volunteer work in the city of David in Panama. We will be living in the country for about a year, and we have heard that it is better to purchase clothes here in the US and bring them with us since people in Panama have a different body shape and size and the clothes don't always fit Americans too well. Of course, with the new flight fees and checked bag limits that the airlines now have in place, it is hard to get everything we need in the suitcases without having to pay for bags that weigh a little too much or bringing extra bags. And if we want to bring extra bags, that means we have to buy them here and then find somewhere to store them when we get down to Panama. I suppose we could just pack some cardboard boxes and check them. I've seen people do that, but it looks like a pain to carry them through the airports. Anyone know a good way to ship boxes of clothes and shoes to Panama?