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Expedited International shipping to Costa Rica

Posted by: Iris Polenick

Hello. I have a customer who needs an item delivered as soon as possible. So I have posted my inquiry here for expedited international shipping to Costa Rica in anticipation of connecting with a professional shipper who can deliver this package on time and undamaged. Is this your company? I am shipping this package from London, United Kingdom (UK), Does your company ship between the UK and Costa Rica? Since the package is ready to be shipped, does your company have a drop off shop locally? If so, please inform me of its location. Can you also inform me of how much you will charge me to ship a 279 mm in length by 228 mm wide by 178 mm deep package? The overall weight of this package is slightly more than a kilo. How soon can you have this package delivered to Costa Rica? If you require any further information, or you are ready to ship this package, please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks.