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Materials International shipping to Guinea

Turner Building Supplies
Posted by: Shawn Turner

Hello and thank you for reading my inquiry. I need information about materials international shipping to Guinea. This shipment will originate from Roanoke, Virgina, in the United States, so it would be most helpful if you have shipping resources available from this location. How soon could you arrange a pickup at my warehouse? The shipment will be considered as a truckload since it consists of 20 pallets of building materials. What is the best transportation mode to complete this delivery to Guinea? Would shipping by a container be best? Or would adding this shipment to a ship's hold be a better choice? This is our first shipment over this great distance, so we must rely on your expertise to complete this delivery to our customer in Guinea. How long would you estimate it will take you to deliver this shipment? Would you be able to include a cost estimate with this initial information pack? Or would you need to speak with us directly in order to determine the overall composition of this shipment first? Thank you again for taking the time to respond to your inquiry.