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Package International shipping to Macedonia

Posted by: Marcelo Madruga

I need to ship a package from our facility here in Salamanca, Spain. This has brought me to this forum as I seek information about package international shipping to Macedonia.This package is a little bulky. The size of this package is 106 cm by 76 cm by 76 cm. It is lighter than it appears and weighs less than 2 kilograms. Does your company provide a pickup service at our location? If so, you may pickup this package during our normal business hours. What is your best estimate of when you will deliver this package to Macedonia? Will you provide both a cost and delivery estimate for your express and regular shipping? That way we can compare. Do you have a specific time of day that you will deliver the package? Do you also have a guaranteed day or time that you will deliver? I am simply wanting to compare the various shipping services that you offer so I can select the service that will best fit our needs. Thank you for responding to our inquiry and for including all of your available information.