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Express International shipping to Malaysia

Posted by: Ming Hsieh

Hello and thank you for reading my forum post as I ask for your assistance in locating information about express international shipping to Malaysia. As our company is shipping from Hong Kong, it will be better if you can provide us information about shipping between these two geographic locations. This shipment involves 7 pallets that have been preloaded with boxes of merchandise. These pallets have different weights, but the total weight of this shipment is 242 kilograms. Please contact us as soon as possible with your standard shipping information plus your response to our questions we have included here. How much will your company charge us to complete this delivery? Is this your final price to us? Or will you add any other charges onto this amount? When will you be able to pickup this shipment at our warehouse? Do you provide additional insurance that will cover above what your claims policy provides? The contact information included is our direct email address. We ask that you use this as your only method of contacting us. Thank you for sending your information.