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Materials International shipping to Peru

Posted by: Paul Kincaid

The point of origin for the shipment I am about to request information is San Antonio, Texas, in the United States. I need information about international shipping to Peru. To be more specific, the point of destination is Lima, Peru. So it will help if your company is experienced in pickup and delivery in both of these locations. This is a load of materials that we are completing the manufacture. It will be ready within the next three to four days and we would like to have the shipping arrangements completed before then. When will your company be able to provide a pickup service at our facility? Do you complete your own pickups and deliveries, or are you a transportation broker? We are also asking you to send us your current rates and payment terms as well. Also, what are your claims policy and other shipping terms? Please include your company's direct contact information as we will need to contact you in order to arrange for a pickup appointment. Thank you for your efforts in responding to our inquiry.