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Package International shipping to Thailand

Posted by: Enereida Quijano

I work for a company located in Monterrey, Mexico, and we are preparing to ship a package to southeast Asia. Does your company provide package international shipping to Thailand? How will you go about picking this package up at our facility? Can you pick this up within the next 3 to 4 days? If so, then when will you guarantee you will deliver this package to Thailand? The package includes several ornamental blankets. These are purely for display purposes, as I am certain they do not have much of a need for something to keep them warm in the tropics. However, the package weighs less than 13 kilograms. The package's size is 91 cm in length, 46 cm wide, and 61 cm deep. Will you promise that you will deliver this package in the same condition that you will pick it up? What method of transportation will you use to complete this delivery? Will you take cash, check, or a company credit card as payment for this shipment? Thank you for including this information to our email address.