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Containerized International shipping to Oman

Posted by: Manolo Guadarrama

I am charged with arranging for containerized international shipping to Oman. My company is shipping this from our main warehouse at Madrid, Spain. Due to the wide variation of climates the shipment will traverse, we are taking added precautions to protect the cargo. While this should be sufficient, we would like the added assurance that your company can guarantee the delivery of this shipment with no damages. How soon does your company require a notice before you schedule a pickup? Due to the widely accepted practice, we will have the container loaded within two hours of the arrival of your driver's on time arrival. We would like to know how we can proceed with setting up an account with your company so that we may ship with you. Once the account is established, can we get information about the shipments and submit payments online? Will we also be able to track those shipments online that are in transit? If you will also send us your general information package that includes all of your shipping terms, we will review them and reply to you momentarily.