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Express International shipping to Luxembourg

Augeri and Sons
Posted by: Nevada Francia

What kind of shipping company do we need for express international shipping to Luxembourg? Are we in need of an air carrier, or do we need to ship by sea freight? This is why I have posted to this forum. We need the expertise of a professional shipping company who can process this shipment both efficiently and economically. We are shipping from our warehouse here in Leon, Mexico. The shipment will consist of 5 pallets of materials that will have the overall weight of 1.2 metric tonnes. How much notice does your company require before you will schedule a pickup? Will you be available for a pickup by the middle of next week? When will you deliver this express shipment to Luxembourg? Will you guarantee that delivery time? What are your company's payment options? Do you accept payment online? Is it possible that we can prepay for the shipping charges? While there are still a few questions that we have, I think they can wait until we have reviewed your shipping information. Is there someone we can contact after we have reviewed this information?