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Package International shipping to Liechtenstein

Posted by: Tavares Bautista

What is it that I must know in order to properly ship a package international shipping to Liechtenstein from Mexico City, Mexico? Is it also possible for me to ship this package by an expedited service? Although I am familiar with Mexican customs and export regulations, I do not know anything about what I should expect from Liechtenstein customs. Is your company familiar with how their customs procedures work? This package weighs less than 4 kilograms. When you contact me with your response to my inquiry, will you also include your estimated shipping cost for this package? What are your company's payment options and how do we make our payment? Due to the distance involved, I must ask what will we do if this package is lost, stolen, or damaged during shipping? Does your insurance cover this loss, or must we purchase insurance coverage? When will you deliver this package to Liechtenstein? If you do not mind, will you contact me through the message system on this forum? This will be the quickest method for us to establish communication. Thanks.