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GHC Movers and Packers
Posted by: Stephen Smith

GHC Movers and Packers provides full origin and destination services in the Bahamas. We are an independent company that provides a number of services for personal, commercial, and corporate relocation and Shipping. We are highly qualified professionals that can handle your most precious items to full containers. GHC Movers and Packers goal is to provide the best quality service to all of our customers. Our list of services extends through the whole moving process, making it easy to provide our customers with port-to-port, door to port, and door to door delivery. If you're in need of origin service, our domestic services can not be matched. Our agents and movers pride themselves with having the knowledge and expertise in handling, receiving, and delivering your shipment safely to any where in the world. At GHC Movers and Packers we specialize in moving, but are also experienced in packing, crating, lashing vehicles, antiques, artworks, over sized shipments, and custom clearance. So if you need an agent in the Bahamas, just remeber GHC.