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Trying to locate a family that went missing from Torres Strait in boat accident, July 2004

Hi. Iâ??m trying to locate a family that went missing in a boat accident in July, 2004. There was a man aged about 60, his wife, about 45 and a young child around 3-4 years old. The accident happened in the Torres Strait in Australia, but we are confident the family may have turned up somewhere in Indonesia, most likely the coast between Irian Jaya and Denpasar. The reason I am contacting you now is because the next of kin has recently found out that there was little-to-no attempt made to find the family or contact the relevant people to find out, which they were originally told was not the case. If you have any information, could you please contact Mareshah Bowie on 61+7 3821 3835 (Australian number) or reply to this email address. Also, could you please forward this message to everyone in your networks. Thank you and kind regards Mareshah Bowie On behalf of the Next of Kin.