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-------Original Message------- From: Vesna EUROTRANS Date: 04/20/06 15:09:06 To: Subject: Offer for cooperation Dear, Please allow us to take few moments from your precious time to introduce our company: E U R O T R A N S 2 0 0 0 INTERNATIONAL FORWARDS AND TRANSPORT ADRESS: Zapaden Bulevar BB, Industriska Zona, Kavadarci 1430 MACEDONIA Tel:+ 389 43 411- 825, 400-950 Fax: 43 411 ??? 243 E-mail: / / / EUROTRANS-2000 from Kavadarci Macedonia is company which is working with transport more than ten years and is very successful.In the company are working 10 employs in four sectors: -road transport -shipping transport -air transport -rail transport Shipping transport from ports of Far East to port Thessaloniki and Piraeus(Greece). We have deferent types of truck,including the truck for containers (platforms). Our city Kavadarci is 150km far away from port Thessaloniki,and We would like you to consider your needs for representative on the Balkan area for Hanjin line. Our ten years experience in shipping and forwarding,cooperation with a lot of Greek shipping company,give us opportunity to represent as a leader forwarding company on the Balkan area,especially for import from Far East ports,and export to Australia,Canada and USA. Our contacts are: Director-Marjan Janev Road transport:SlavicaStefanov Air and shipping transport: Verica Jovanovska VesnaSisevska Transport department: Zana Nikolova Telefon No: 0038943400950 / 0038943400951 Fax No: 0038943411243 / 0038943411825 P.S SEE THE ATTACHMENT(our office) The building that is our office own 3000m2 open yard,which can be useful for storage of emthy containers. I think that we will start to cooperate. I will wait on your fast and kindly replay. Regards, Zana Nikolova Eurotrans-2000 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------