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We would like to establish worldwide business relationships with most ship owners, ship operators, ship managers, charterers and liners. The capacity of CEMENT Silo vessels 15000 MT and 5000 MT However, we would like you to submit us with your competitive quotation together with your terms and condition for the following: - Transport Goods: Ordinary Portland cement class 42.5 n in bulk conforming to BS 12-1996 Loading Port: Rizhao China Discharging Port: Salif Sea port Yemen, Mohka sea port Yemen and Port Sudan sea port Number of Trips: 18 trip capacity of 15000 MT and 9 trips capacity of 5000 MT Trips analyze: 1. Mokha port: Quantity of 135.000 MT at the rate of shipment of 15.000 MT each twenty (20) days. 2. Salif port: Quantity of 45.000 MT at the rate of shipment of 5.000 MT each twenty (20) days. 3. Port Sudan port: Quantity of 135.000 MT at the rate of shipment of 15.000 MT each twenty (20) days. The Vessels to be used as per the international standard vessels and seaworthy for transport the vessels' capacity of discharge to be not less that 3000-4000 MT per day the vessel's seaworthy to be inspected by SGS if discharge failed to be in this rate (above rate), the seller to afford penalty for each day delay. The age of the vessel not to be more than twenty years .each quantity to be shipped in a separate or independent vessel Quotation: on charterers and liners basis The charterers and liners company to be responsible and have ability to fulfill the contract with certificate of SGS the charterers and liners to present a bank guarantee for good execution with amount of 2% of the whole value of each trip Chatterer /Liner Payment: against .letter of credit to be opened for each trip separately one by one automatically as per the timed schedule being agreed from an international bank. Looking forward to your immediate response Best regards Mahmood Alalimi Commercial Director UNIVERSAL TRADING & LOGISTIC CO P.O. Box: 15138 ALGAZIER ST. ALALIMI BUILDING SANAA YEMEN Tel: 00967 1 447804 Fax: 00967 1 441289 Mobile: 00967 71 489838