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Wavamuno David

Dear Sir/Madam, We are an organized foundation which started in mid 2006 our major aim is to help Women and children of facing disabilities up to now our foundation is located in eastern Uganda (masaka), Sir in our foundation we do have children of disabilities we do have the disabled, deserted children, and also we have some orphans. In November 2007 we received some young children refugees from Sudan this prompted us to look for support somewhere else in order to contain this large number in our foundation. But just recently at the beginning of this year we have received a very large number of orphans from Kenya whose parents were killed in Kenya civil war. Sir we have been receiving aid from different organizations but at this moment we reached at an extent where we cannot contain these young children and we can not leave them to die because they never did any crime they do really face many problems among them are poor feeding, diseases, sleeping is also a big problem faced by these young children. Therefore sir our major aim as to why we are sending this message to you is to kindly request you to donate any thing to these young children because we can not watch them dieing N.B Sir we do request you to accept this message because we were not able to get your postal address to write to you, Sir any thing you will be able to donate to these young children will highly appreciated. YOURS -WAVAMUNO DAVID -LUTAAYA MICHEAL CHOSEN FOUNDATIN P.O.BOX 6263 UGANDA EAST AFRICA Tel:256-702-416181 E-Mail: