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International shipping to Bahrain from the United States

I want to inquire into international shipping to Bahrain from the United States. The package contains several boxes of chocolate. Therefore, I must also inquire if your company has knowledge and perhaps a type of cold pack or something to keep the candy from becoming too overheated and melting during transit. Even if you can only inform me of what to get, I will go purchase it myself. I am studying here in the United States, and the chocolate is a gift to my immediate relatives. I would also like to inquire if your company also offers express services to Bahrain as well. Within your email, please advise me of how much you will charge to complete this shipment. Please also inform me as to your estimated delivery time as well. I would like for this to be delivered within a couple of weeks. Is that possible? Included with my inquiry is my direct email address. Please send all of your shipping information there and I will be able to view it right away. I appreciate your sending this to me.