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International shipping to Hungary from the United States

Howdy. I need information on how to do international shipping to Hungary from the United States. I will ship this package from Houston, Texas, and its final destination is Budapest, Hungary. The package weighs a good 3 pounds, and is about 1 ft by 1 ft by 1 ft. It is not very big at all. What is in the box are several boxes of boot polish that I'm sending to my nephew who just moved to Hungary. He said that he cannot buy the kind of boot polish that he likes, and his boots are starting to look a little rough. So he asked me to send some to him. I figured I would send extra so it would last him a while. Please let me know about how much this will cost to send. Can you also give me an estimated date of delivery? If you can that would be great. Some carriers provide tracking information. Does your company provide this? That's okay of you don't. I just thought I would ask. Please email your info to me as soon as possible. Thanks.