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International shipping to Iceland from the United States


Hello and thank you for reviewing and responding to my inquiry. I have a simple request for information about international shipping to Iceland from the United States. I included both the origination and destination so that only those companies who serve both locations will bother to read this. I certainly do not want to waste anyone's time. I have a shipment of computer components that are destined for a large datacenter that is located at Reykjavik. The datacenter has been in service for sometime. They simply ordered some replacement parts that will replenish their inventory. Even though the shipment does not require express services, I would still like for this shipment to be delivered just as soon as possible. How soon can your company deliver this shipment to Iceland? How much do you estimate your shipping charges to be for 6 pallets? The total weight is less than four tons. For your convenience, I have included my direct email address with this post. So please feel confident that the information you send will be received. Thank you again for sharing this information with me.