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Express International shipping to Colombia

Posted by: Sandra Norting

I must ask for someone to send me information about express international shipping to Colombia. I am shipping a box of files to my nephew who lives just outside of Bogota, Colombia. These files pertain to his prospective student visa to the United States, as he has been accepted to a university near to Miami, Florida, and he is to start classes within the next two months. Although it may seem like a long time, the paperwork may take a few weeks to be processed, so the sooner he can submit it the sooner he will receive a response. How soon can you deliver this package to Bogota from Miami? The box is rather flat and is only about 2 ft by 1 ft by 4 inches and weighs only 4 pounds including the packing material. Do you have a company location here in the Miami area that I can drop off this package? Can you estimate how much you will charge to ship this package express? Thank you so much for sending this information as soon as possible.