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Expedited International shipping to Malta

Posted by: Tony Barclay

I am currently on assignment to a company located here in Oslo, Norway. I need to ship a package, so I need information about expedited international shipping to Malta. If your company can provide this information as soon as possible, I will appreciate it as this package must be delivered by the end of next week. Is your company capable of completing this delivery on time? The package is less than 1 ft in each dimension and it weighs 9 pounds. Do you have an office here in Oslo that I can drop off this package? What is the address and its hours of operation? Will you provide an estimate of how much you will charge me to ship this package with your company? If your company misses the delivery time, when will you complete the delivery? How do you process claims in the event the package or its contents are damaged during shipping? Thanks for sending your shipping information to me.